Website Video Lessons

by Daniel Hayes

Using video on your small business website is without a doubt a “best practice” these days. What’s awesome is you don’t have to use all sorts of expensive equipment to put out a meaningful product that engages your customers. If you’re a professional organizer, making quick videos to provide some tips to your viewers goes a long way to not only help your potential customers out, but also to establish rapport…they’ll feel like they know you after a few videos! An air conditioning company might post videos about how to care for the air handler, show how to replace filters, or give some basic maintenance tips.

We use the amazing, but inexpensive Kodak Zi8 with a lavalier microphone to produce many of our videos. You can check out the Zi8 here…it’s simple, effective, and cheap!

Still, if you’re not already an expert at using video for your website, the online video hosting site Vimeo has developed a series of “101” videos to give you a good baseline. Below, you can check out their first video in the series, “Choosing a Camera.” Check it out…

Video 101: Choosing a Camera from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.

For more videos in the series, just click here. I hope this helps. If you have any questions about using video on your website…even if it’s not a video you produced…just ask!

– Dan

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