USB Wall Outlet…Awesome!

by Daniel Hayes

Well, if this isn’t a match made in heaven…a DIY project and tech project combined.  Pre-order for delivery in mid-Dec 2010, this USB wall outlet will be available as a replacement for your standard socket. I see two great benefits. One, often our chargers have oversize plugs that hog all the receptacle real estate, blocking other sockets!  With this, the USB end won’t interfere with the available sockets.  Two, how many of you have either bought additional chargers to leave at work, or lug around the charger with you every day?  With this, it’s easy to grab an additional USB cable and leave it either at home or work.  Pre-orders are available through Fastmac and the current price is $19.95 US.  Check out what the folks at Lifehacker have to say about USB socket.

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