Rearranging Apps on Your iPhone

by Daniel Hayes

  • Power on your iPhone and unlock it. You likely have it protected with your four digit code (if not, I recommend you set this up in the Setting).  The top page you see is the Applications screen.
  •  If you’re like me and have multiple pages of apps, you’ll want to get to the first Applications page by press ing the “Home” button once.
  • To be able to move the apps around press and hold on any app. After a second or two, icons begin to jiggle, and most will display a small “X’ in the top left corner of the icon. The icons that don’t have an X are built-in and cannot be removed.
  • To delete an app tap the X. You’ll receive a prompt asking for confirmation. To abandon deleting the app, click Cancel. To confirm that you want to delete it, click Delete.
  • You can now move the app to wherever you want it positioned.  The other icons will “move out of the way for it” as you drag the icon to the right (toward your last page of apps), or to the left (toward your first page of apps).  You simply release your hold on the icon when it’s where you want it!
  • When you’ve finished moving all your apps to the perfect spot for you, simply press the Home button once. The icons will stop jiggling and all your apps are safe in their new homes!

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