About the Site…a Little Bit About Me

So what is danielhayes.me all about? Well, it’s my home on the web; a place for me to address subjects I’m passionate about. Here are some topics you can expect to read about, watch, hear and hopefully comment on here:

  • Articles and posts of interest that I find in various places on the web that I think may help you in some way…whether technology, productivity, or design related or just some kind of life/work hack.
  • The “Tech Conundrum”–the phenomenon experienced by nearly every business owner, telecommuter, and solopreneur…technology is supposed to help, not hurt. So why does it hurt so much?
  • Software/service solutions for your business…mostly the ones that are free to use or very low cost.  We’ll talk about how to integrate them into your operations/workflow. When it works I call it “tech alchemy.” If an alchemist can take lead and make gold, “tech alchemy” is taking low/no cost solutions to help make you profit!
  • Social media in its many forms.  As a business owner, when you read or hear about SEO, blogging, social media, Web 2.0, Facebook, etc, does your head hurt a little?  Probably does.  Trust me, they’re important. You know it, I know it…you see it everywhere. But to someone busy running a business (you), the first thing that likely comes to mind is “great, four more things I have to become the expert at!”  Well, I’ll try to make that process a little easier and hopefully you’ll have some suggestions to share too!  We’ll also work on some tutorials as we go…
  • As a former “military guy” expect my analogies to kinda run along military lines…it’s just how I equate things.
  • Finally, I honestly have no idea how many different blogs I read and podcasts I listen to.  You can bet I’ll be sharing that stuff here with my take on each subject.  There are so many amazing sites/podcasts out there today.  I have no intention of trying to compete with any of them.  I just want to do my best to complement them and hopefully in the process provide you with one more opinion.  Most of all, I look forward to hearing yours, as well, and hope you’ll share it with other “insurgents.”

So, that’s what you can expect.  Soon I’ll put up a “hey you, this is me” video on this page to better “introduce” myself. In case the name of the site didn’t give it away my name is Daniel Hayes…I go by Dan or Daniel.

A little bit about me:

  • I’ve had the privilege to have lived all over the world. Thankfully, I am blessed to call the US “home.” Some of my favorite places are Egypt, the Dead Sea region of Jordan, and South Central Texas.
  • If I had to base where I lived solely on food then it would be Buffalo, NY hands-down.
  • I’ve decided that home is San Antonio, Texas…so that’s where I live with my amazing wife and awesome kids.
  • Finally, I like to use ellipses…a lot…it’s just my thing.

Again, look forward to meeting you and exchanging views!
– Dan