A Brown Leather iPad 2 Cover?

by Daniel Hayes

When I bought my wife an iPad 2 on the day it was released, I bought her the new white leather cover to go along with it. While she was (and is still) ecstatic about the iPad 2, neither of us were thrilled with the white cover as it soon became dingy and dirty looking. Eventually, she stopped using the cover and it sat in the closet with the other accessories banished to the “Land of Misfit Toys.” When I got my iPad 2 in September, I pulled it back out and used it so it didn’t completely go to waste. I use the amazing Saddleback Leather Large Gadget Sleeve to protect my iPad, but wanted the cover, too!

So, I improvised. I took a trip to the Tandy Leather Store and picked up some leather dye and some leather protectant. I also go some suede protectant too for the inside of the iPad cover. The dyeing process was easy…just make sure you tape off the metal hinge on the cover and let the dye and protectant completely dry between coats. I did a test afterwards to make sure the dye wouldn’t rub off on to my clothes (glad I did, too)! I just rubbed every surface of the dried cover with a clean white clothe to make sure there was no dye transfer. That’s it!

Here’s a quick video below:

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