If you’ve ever considered adding fresh juice to your diet or thought about juice fasting, then I have some terrific and timely news for you! I recently finished a 3-week intensive juicing clinic hosted by Farnoosh Brock. If you haven’t heard of Farnoosh she literally “wrote the book” on juicing and I mentioned that in some of my earlier juicing posts (Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide available on Amazon but you get it FREE with this course along with Farnoosh’s Juice Fasting Guide).  There’s more FREE stuff but I’ll save that for the end of this post.  The big news is she’s just opened up the clinic to new members!  This clinic is something you should really consider doing for yourself if you’ve ever wanted to add fresh juice to your diet, wanted to learn more about the benefits of juicing, or even do a juice fast or a longer detox!

This clinic was truly amazing and I added my after-course testimonial below so you’ll see how I felt about it. You can also read what some other participants thought about the course here.  As you would likely expect from a clinic about the benefits of juicing, it was packed with juice recipes, recommendations for the different juice extractors, and ways to prepare and store your fruits and vegetables for your juicing recipes.

A Green Juicing Clinic IntensiveWhat I never expected, and what blew me away, was the level of participation from attendees and the personal attention each of us received. It was absolutely top-notch!  And it wasn’t all about the juice fast or recipes for juicing either…there was real sharing and caring going on between the participants and honestly, we became friends and remain in touch on the private clinic Facebook group and through comments on the juicing clinic member site.

If you decide to take part in the clinic you won’t believe the number of juice recipes there are (sorry, it’s a members only link or I’d show you)!  I had no idea that a juice diet could have so many different varieties of juicer recipes and it really gives you enormous options during your juice fast. Oh, and there is no requirement to actually do a juice fast if you don’t want to…we decided as participants to do a “solidarity juice fast” ourselves, but the overall intent was for us to learn more about juicing, juice recipes, how to use our juicers (juice extractor), the benefits of juicing and the varied tastes of different juices. Honestly, I can’t give it a higher recommendation and that is why I am now an affiliate for the program. It is fantastic and I hope you’ll consider looking into it more by clicking any of my affiliate links on this page.

As promised, here is my Unedited Testimonial for Farnoosh Brock’s 3-Week Juicing Intensive Clinic

1. What is your main reason that you do green juicing?

OK, I apologize up front for this being so lengthy but this subject and this clinic mean too much for me to just chop it down to “bullet points”. I actually journaled my journey with juicing when I first started so I’ll use some of that here, as well. So here goes:

I have been an avowed “meatatarian” my entire life. Never, ever been a veggie guy. I have eaten exactly three salads in my 46 years. You read that right, three. I wasn’t much of a fruit guy either. I’d eat an apple occasionally (5-6 times a year) but that was it. I like fruit juices, but not eating the fruit itself.

Like most people, I felt generally immortal and figured I could do anything to my body until it proved me otherwise. I was always fit because of my job and it seemed I could put whatever I wanted into my body and still be able to easily run half-marathons without training, jump out of planes…you name it, I could do it. But then things started creeping up on me. Aches, pains, longer recovery after injuries. Deep down I knew I needed to change how I fueled myself, but I didn’t. Sometimes people stay on the same path even though they know that path is a dead end. That was me with my eating habits. It’s been a concern of mine for a long time, but I effectively ignored it.

Like Farnoosh, I was always curious about juicing ever since I first saw those late-night infomercials years ago for the Juiceman, remember those? Somehow I thought that even though I didn’t eat vegetables or fruits that I would be able to drink the juice. Still, I never actually tried it. Yet somehow I tucked the desire to juice away in that part of the brain marked “Someday.” You know, the place where you store ideas of things you “should” or “need” to do but never seem to get around to…and probably never will?


I read a LOT of blogs. As I was reading through my list of unread posts on 3 December 2011, I came across a post about a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, by an Australian guy named Joe Cross. I was on short vacation at the time but luckily I was able to watch the movie through Netflix on my iPad. The documentary follows Joe on on his 60-day juice fast as he travels across the US.

On his travels he interviews people about their eating habits and introduces them to juicing. As the movie progresses the viewer is introduced to two others who begin to juice and change their lives. I could go on and on about this flick but suffice it to say I was immediately convinced and have watched it over and over again for motivation and to soak in all the information in the film. If you’re considering juicing, this documentary is a MUST SEE!

2. What is the best thing that the 21-Day Green Juicing Intensive Clinic do for you? How do you feel about the clinic?

The best thing about Farnoosh’s clinic is that it is a roadmap for the members…a process for clinic members to follow and share with one another. I had a friend who was interested in juicing and they came to me and asked “how can I introduce juicing into my life?” this is the action plan I’d give them:

The first thing I’d tell them to do is go to the Prolific Juicing website and just read through the page. Why? Because it is just a snapshot introduction to an opportunity to CHANGE THEIR BODY FOR GOOD. I’ll let you decide what I mean by GOOD…you can take that to mean “for the better” or “permanently”. Truthfully, I mean it BOTH ways!

The second thing I’d recommend is watching “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” (FSND) on Netflix or however you can get it. This documentary, which I mentioned above) was KEY to me making the change and venturing into juicing. Everyone I know that has watched it has told me the same thing.

Armed with the motivation fresh from watching FSND, my third step would be to go BACK to the Prolific Juicing website and sign up! You’ll be so motivated to start juicing and you’ll want to jump right into it! I know, I’ve been there. But I also know that it can be so much better to start this process as a member of team, being coached by someone with years of personal experience. Farnoosh takes you through your journey step-by-step…literally with the roadmap she developed through experience, trial and error…so you can enjoy your juicing journey without fear of getting off course.

Next, the fourth thing I’d recommend that you take an active role as a member of the clinic that you just signed up for. Farnoosh has pooled together all the tools for you, but you have to jump in and swim around! The members here are JUST LIKE YOU…they want to make a difference in their lives, they want to be supported and want to give support back! I’m naturally more of an introvert but the forums in Farnoosh’s clinic feel comfortable…totally “not stuffy” (great exploitation of the English language there, Dan) and more like a group of friends learning and sharing as they broaden their knowledge about juicing.

The fifth and final thing is this: enjoy juicing as a life habit. It’s not about one fast, one detox, quick weight loss, etc. Can it do all that? Absolutely! But it’s about the long-term benefits that juicing will have on your life…and that, future juicer, is what Farnoosh’s clinic is all about.

3. What do you want to tell others about green juicing and this clinic?

Candidly, I didn’t know about Farnoosh’s program when I started but I sure wish I did. I did a lot of legwork finding decent resources, buying books, etc, but Farnoosh has taken all the hard research work out of it with her Clinic. Although I read her “Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide” before I started the Clinic, I read other guides before I began my juicing journey. The other guides were decent…but as I read Farnoosh’s Guide I found myself really wishing that I had bought this book FIRST to prepare me for my juicing journey. And as a member of the Clinic she made that available for free!!! If I had only joined the Clinic first! Oh well! I now have what I consider to be the “definitive reference” to refer others to as they begin their own juicing program. I also reviewed her book on Amazon. Here’s just a part of what I wrote:

Are you interested in juicing? I DEVOURED (pun intended) Farnoosh Brock’s “Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide” and it is FABULOUS! Whether you’re an experienced juicer, curious about juicing, or just starting out, this guide is a terrific reference. Farnoosh has over 4 years of juicing experience and passes that on brilliantly in her book. It’s hard to believe this much information is available for $9.99! Honestly, I think it’s under priced. This book will save you MUCH more than that in effort and learning curve time alone!

Bottom line: Buy this book. It’s a powerhouse of juicing info without all the fluff of other manuals. The recipes are terrific, and best of all, flexible. This book lets you enjoy juicing and adding something healthy to your lifestyle without the guilt that some other resources leave you with if you don’t follow their “rules.” Let this book be your roadmap…you’ll be happier (and healthier) if you do!

One thing I’m completely confident about is that juicing will be a entirely new part of my life. I stumbled a bit after my initial fast on my own, but the Clinic has really renewed my commitment. It’s great to be part of a group sharing new juicing ideas and re-discovering how much better I feel when I juice regularly. I’m amazed with how much better I feel getting all those fresh enzymes, nutrients, and other good stuff into my body. The changes are awesome.

I’ll wrap up here, but I have to close with saying how much I’ve felt welcomed into the group. As I had mentioned in one of the posts on the Group’s private Facebook page, “I did lots of reading before I started but am BLOWN AWAY by what Farnoosh is doing here. Nothing beats an informed plan to follow and a rockin’ support community!” What a fantastic place to bounce ideas around, share our personal triumphs and struggles, laugh, joke, tease, guide…all those great things you feel when you’re part of a winning team. My personal thanks to Farnoosh and all my fellow Clinic members…Juice On!!!

So there you have it…that’s the story of my experience with the 3-Week Juicing Intensive Clinic!  I hope you consider doing this for yourself…you will be SO HAPPY you did!


Oh…here’s what you get with the course


Lifetime Membership Access: You will have lifetime access to the 21 lessons, 20+ recipes, my Comprehensive Green Juicing book, a Juice Fast Guide, exclusive juicy interviews, 400+ conversations in the member area, our private Facebook Group, and the priceless community support to keep you going on your juicing journey.

Emails with Juicy Motivation: You will go through the clinic at your own pace. I will email you frequently to touch base with you for 21 weeks and to make sure you are staying on course with your juicing habit.

Video Lessons: You will have 7 video lessons to watch and do homework for. Here, I show you my fun secrets, top tips and tricks on juicing, my systems and organization tools in the kitchen, and we even go shopping together at the Farmer’s Market!

Audio Lessons: You will have 7 audio lessons to play on the go where I teach you more in-depth topics around green juicing and long-term commitment, and give you tools and systems to keep you going.

Text Lessons: You will have 7 blog-post format lessons with smart and creative Green Juicing recipes, ideas and ways to integrate juicing into your life, travels, work, etc, and so much more!

Juicing Recipes The Juicing Corner is growing as we add more and right now we have more  (23 and counting) Recipes, plus MORE recipes in the comments from your fellow juicing enthusiasts. And lots of pictures.

Recorded Coaching Calls: These are 7 recorded calls from the first time the Clinic was offered live all yours to consume to hear juicing discoveries, challenges, and learn from your fellow Juicing Enthusiasts.

I hope to see YOU in the Member’s Only area of the Clinic or on the private Facebook Page soon!  Best of luck in your Juicing Journey! 

How to start juicing


Note:  All links on this post are affiliate links.  I personally was a member of this course and would not endorse it or be an affiliate for it otherwise. Enjoy!


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